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Season: Summer 2004
Tuesday Week 16 Penguins vs. Blues - The Championship
Thursday Week 16 Bruins vs. Avalanche - The Championship

Season: Spring 2004
Tuesday Week 15 Leafs vs. Penguins- The Championship

Season: Fall 2003
Tuesday Week 16 Leafs vs. Flyers - The Championship

Season: Summer 2003
Tuesday Week 20 Blues vs. Leafs - The Championship Game
Thursday Week 20 Bruins vs. Panthers - The Championship Game

Season: Spring 2003
Tuesday Week 11 Leafs vs. Penguins - The Semi-Finals
Thursday Week 11 Capitals vs. Avalanche - The Semi-Finals

Season: Fall 2002
Tuesday Week 16 Blues vs. Leafs - The Championship Game!
Thursday Week 16 Panthers vs. Ducks - The Championship Game!
Tuesday Week 15 Blues vs. Penguins - The Semi-Finals
Thursday Week 15 Ducks vs. Bruins - The Semi-Finals!

Season: Summer 2002
Tuesday Week 15 Red vs. Yellow - The Championship
Tuesday Week 14 Gray vs. Yellow (Semi-Finals)
Thursday Week 14 Red vs. Green (Semi-Finals)

Season: Spring 2002
Tuesday Week 17 Red vs. Blue (Championship Game)
Thursday Week 17 White vs. Red (Championship Game)
Tuesday Week 16 Blue vs. Gray (Semi-finals)
Thursday Week 16 White vs. Black (Semi-Finals)
Tuesday Week 15 Gray vs. Blue
Thursday Week 15 Black vs. White
Tuesday Week 13 Blue vs. Red
Tuesday Week 9 Red vs. Yellow
Tuesday Week 8 Gray vs. Red
Thursday Week 4 White vs. Green
Tuesday Week 3 Blue vs. Gray
Thursday Week 2 Red vs. White
Thursday Week 1 Black vs. Red

Season: Fall 2001
Tuesday Week 15 Gray vs. Red (Championship Game)
Thursday Week 15 Black vs. Red (Championship Game)
Tuesday Week 13 Red vs. Green
Thursday Week 12 White vs. Blue
Tuesday Week 11 Gray vs. Red
Thursday Week 11 White vs. Red
Tuesday Week 10 Gray vs. Yellow
Thursday Week 9 Red vs. Black
Tuesday Week 8 Red vs. Gray
Thursday Week 8 White vs. Red